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Shawn from Sharefile

Hear how AgileZen helps Shawn and his team get work done. With more than 30 employees and over 20 projects, Sharefile doesn't need anything getting in their way and that's where AgileZen fits in.

James from Adzerk

Running a startup is hard work, listen to James explain how AgileZen helps manage their workflow. The Adzerk team loves how simple AgileZen is to use.

Students from the University of Colorado

The students are part of the Collegiate Social Impact Initiatives organization. Who better to vouch for how AgileZen helps your team to collaborate, then a team whose mission is collaboration. They take part in the implementation of engaging and challenging social impact projects around the world.

Ben from Fresh Golf Reviews

Lots of travel, tons to track? Find out how AgileZen helps Ben keep organized and on task. He loves how he can visualize his work end to end.