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Chat Clients

AgileZen Campfire Integration

Campfire is a web app used for real-time user collaboration. The integration provides project-based notifications (as opposed to email and IM notifications, which are user-specific) while working with AgileZen.

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AgileZen HipChat Integration

HipChat is a private group chat and IM client for businesses. Receive instant project notifications right within your chat room.

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AgileZen Zapier Integration

Zapier lets SaaS users create integrations that push data between dozens of different web applications without having to write any code or wrangle APIs.

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Development Tools

AgileZen Github Integration

Github is a collaborative code repository used by developers and designers of all flavors. It helps manage all of your code in one place and allows you to work with your team to develop awesome products.

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AgileZen Bitbucket Integration

Bitbucket is a revision control system that allows for the storage of all Git and Mercurial source code. It helps manage the code for just you, or with a development team as a whole.

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AgileZen Google Code Integration

Google Code provides Project Hosting - a fast, reliable, hosting service featuring integration with multiple version control systems (Git, Mercurial, Subversion), issue tracking, and source code browsing. Google Code Project Hosting is specifically for open source projects.

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