Find ways to improve

AgileZen's project management software can grow and adapt with you as you find more efficient ways to work. By tracking some simple performance metrics, AgileZen helps you understand how well you're doing.

Track performance metrics

AgileZen helps you understand how efficient your team is by tracking some lean performance metrics, like cycle time and lead time. On the Performance screen, the current values for each of these metrics are displayed, along with charts that let you watch how they've changed over time. These charts and metrics can guide you as you find new ways to work and become more lean and agile.

Focus on the job at hand

AgileZen also lets you limit the number of stories allowed in a given phase of your board. This is called a work-in-progress limit (or just WIP limit), which is another concept taken from lean manufacturing.

Although it might sound counter-intuitive, if you limit the total amount of work in progress, you're able to focus better on the task at hand, reducing wasted effort and getting things done faster in the long term. If moving a story into a phase would exceed the phase's WIP limit, AgileZen will warn you that you're losing your focus.