Get organized

If you're anything like us, you always have lots of plates spinning at once. AgileZen provides features within the agile project management tool to help you avoid being overwhelmed by letting you organize your work and focusing on just the most important tasks.

Mark your work with visual indicators

You can change the color of story cards to keep them organized. The meaning of colors is entirely up to you. For example, you might make a card red to let everyone know it is critical and needs to be finished immediately.

You can also attach tags to your stories. As with colors, the meaning of tags is up to you — you might use them to group stories into clusters of features.

Work however you prefer

Every team has their own way of working, and we don't want to interfere with it. AgileZen was designed to be flexible and open-ended, so you can customize it to match the way that you prefer to work. Projects start out with a simple default process, with three phases: ready, working, and complete. If this doesn't match the way you like to work, you can customize your project's board however you like.

Invite others and manage your team

AgileZen makes it easy to invite others to collaborate on your project, and lets you organize team members into different roles to control what they're allowed to do. For example, you might want to let certain users view information but not edit it, or you might want to restrict certain actions to only a small group of administrators. AgileZen provides you with a flexible permission system that lets you work with a team without having to give up total control.

Attach files to stories

Many stories have extra assets, like screenshots, specification documents, or comps, that help others to understand more about the work that has to be done. With AgileZen, you can attach files directly to stories, to help keep everything organized and in one place. Once a file is attached to a story, your entire team can access it quickly.